Incorporating Plants Into Your Home

Incorporating Plants Into Your Home

Adding plants to your home is not only an essential way of introducing life and color to any space, but it is also a decor staple that will never go out of style. This timeless, natural element allows the tranquility of the outdoors to be brought inside, creating a sense of vitality and relaxation. In this post, we aim to inspire current or new plant parents on how to seamlessly integrate plants into your home design.


Health Benefits of Incorporating Plants

1.Reduces stress and anxiety

2. Reduces Fatigue

3. Boosts productivity, healing, and pain tolerance

4. Improve your outlook on work

5. Decreases the occurrence of headaches from improved air quality

6. Increases mood and happiness levels

Note: Check that plants are safe for children and animals


Styling Plants Like A Pro


Technique #1: Utilize ceiling space!


Whether you utilize ceiling space by adding hanging plants, arranging plants on shelves, or creating a lofted plant sanctuary like the one shown here, plants are a great way to fill empty space rather than adding extra furniture that ultimately becomes clutter.


Technique #2: Plants in the bathroom?


I'm sure for many people, the idea of adding plants to their bathroom has likely never crossed their mind, so let me be the first to encourage it! Often times, bathrooms are the least exciting space in homes. Adding subtle plant features to a bathroom can promote a feeling luxury and serenity.


Technique #3: Size matters!


Incorporating an oversized plant into a space makes a statement. When doing this, you will want to pair the large plant with other smaller plants throughout the room to create balance. Large plants are also perfect for occupying that awkward barren corner that you may be tempted to fill unneeded furniture.


Technique #4: Pay attention to height variation throughout the room


Like any other type of styling, balance is key. The plants throughout the room should cause your eyes to wander, rather than simply being spread across all the tables in the space. If you are working with multiple plants for more of a jungle-vibe, keep in mind the rule of grouping in threes!