Interior Decorating With Crystals 101

Interior Decorating With Crystals 101

Feng Shui.. a funny phrase but does anyone actually know what it means or what it entails? Feng Shui is a pseudoscientific practice originating in China, which claims to work with energy forces in order to harmonize individuals with their environment. One of the many ways to improve feng shui is by inviting earth elements like crystals into your home. Not only do crystals improve feng shui, but they also double as a health and healing agent, and triple as gorgeous home decor. Each crystal brings forth different properties, which assist you in everyday life and aid in the overall feng shui of a space. Over the past five years, there has been a significant increase in the amount of people who are interested in alternative forms of medicine, and the use of crystals often raises curiosity. 

Historically speaking, crystals are promoted as ancient forms of medicine, with philosophies borrowed from Hinduism and Buddhism, although there is no scientific evidence to support these beliefs. The use of crystals as medicine are believed to promote the flow of positive energy, helping to relieve people's physical and emotional well-being. With many people embracing the ancient theories of crystals and many believing it's nothing more than old tales, there is so much room for discovery, so keep an open mind and see what each stone can do for you. 




Amethyst: Sincerity, Peace, Stability, Improved Sleep, Spiritual Wisdom, Relieves Stress, Promotes Sobriety

Clear Quartz “Master Healer”: Healing, Manifestation, Amplifies Energy, Concentration, Stimulates Immune System, Balance

Rose Quartz: Love, Relationships, Comfort, Restores Trust and Harmony

Selenite: Clarity, Insight, Intuition, Space cleanser, Camaraderie, Manifestation

Black Tourmaline: Grounding, Protection, Cleansing, Soothing, Anxiety Relief

Carnelian: Stirs up Fertility, Embraces Spontaneity, Ambition, Courage, Passion, Confidence, Intimacy

Citrine: Abundance, Positivity, Prosperity, Creativity,  Joy

Moldavite: Spiritual Transformation, Chakra activation, Protection, Clarity, Intuition

Honey Calcite: Clarity, Insight, Action, Confidence, Healing




Feng Shui is one of the major components of creating a home in which positive energy is invited inside to promote feelings of peace and balance. Depending on the intention you correspond to each stone in your collection, this should help guide you to a good location for each crystal in your home.

Amethyst: Being that this stone promotes peace and relaxation, place it on your nightstand or dresser to soothe your mind.

Clear Quartz: Clear Quartz is a great choice for the living room because it dispels any negative energy brought in by family or guests, creating a more harmonious environment.

Rose Quartz: According to the beliefs of Feng Shui, the south-west direction in the bedroom is an ideal location for this crystal as it promotes love and romance to stabilize and enhance a budding relationship

Selenite: If you're spending a lot of time in a space, you should use Selenite to cleanse the air and bring positive energy. Place yours on a windowsill or coffee table where it’s sure to sparkle.

Black Tourmaline: It’s important to feel safe in your home, and at times this may mean adding in a layer of energetic protection. Black Tourmaline has the ability to shield, absorb, and transmute negative energies. They can be placed in each corner of your home, or under the four corners of your bed.

Carnelian: If you are feeling uninspired at work, try putting these crystals in your home office or on your desk. If you want to encourage more passion in your relationship, add a red crystal to your bedroom.

Citrine: Citrine is all about prosperity, so this stone should be placed in the “wealth corner'' of your home. If you are standing at the front door looking in, the far left corner is your wealth area.This is where you should incorporate Citrine to welcome financial abundance into your life.



So you want to try out decorating with crystals, but all the raw stones is a little too hippy for your interior design taste. Get creative! There are so many practical and subtle ways that you can use earths beauty throughout your space. 

1. Coasters

2. Knobs and pulls

3. Clocks

4. Raw crystals

5. Book ends

6. Table lamps

7. Charcuterie Necessities

8. Garlands

9. Wall Art

10. Mobiles