5 Tips to Styling Your Blank Walls

5 Tips to Styling Your Blank Walls

So you've followed the trend, listened to the blogs, took the leap and painted your house white. Now what? The best part about a blank canvas is it is the perfect background for your art and beautiful decor that gives your home its personality. Wall decor is one of the simplest ways to put your stamp on a home. Here are our five favorite ways to dress your blank walls.


1. BIG Art

A large piece of art accomplishes many things: It fills a space while also leaving a good amount of blank wall to avoid a cluttered look. For a touch of sophistication you can incorporate a small seating area in front of the art to transform that previously useless space into a reading area or a new spot to drink morning coffee.This can also be a quicker and cheaper alternative to that of a gallery wall, which requires buying and hanging many different frames. 





2. Entry Table Fun!

This is a concept that has so much room for variation. When choosing an entry table, look for  textural options such as wood, cement, tile, and stone. On the entry table you can decorate with i coffee table books, table lamps, crystals, and trinket bowls. On the wall behind the entry table choose a large singular art piece for a dramatic moment or a mirror for a quick outfit glance before running out the door. 





3. Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Worried that your space is not large enough to add more decor to the walls without making it look crowded? Add leaning mirror. This is a fun touch in bedrooms but we are loving it in living spaces as well. This sleek design hack creates the illusion of a larger space while simultaneously adding a fun, eye-catching element. For optimal styling, add a side table directly to the left or right of the mirror with some table books, a candle, or greenery to pull everything together. 




4. The Magic of Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a fantastic way to avoid clutter on everyday surfaces. They add levels to the room as well as variation in the location of decor throughout the space. One way I love to decorate shelves is by adding an overhanging plant that drapes down across the lower shelving creating a waterfall effect. On the shelves; group decor together using the rule of three. Odd numbers are your friend. Remember family heirlooms or collectables pair well with your new buys and add character to your home. If you don't have any check out your local vintage store for unique treasures to make your space your own.





5. A Museum Moment

The gallery wall technique is easy to apply to any style of home. For example, in a modern style home you may have a photo collage of your favorite photos in black and white. In a midcentury home, gold frames will accent the vintage inspired decor. Whereas in art deco, contemporary, or eclectic homes you may see more use of Victorian style mirrors, or even a mix of different frames in varying colors. A gallery wall is a great way to show off family photos, travel photos, and artwork. Play around with other elements such as plants, mirrors, and 3D decor to make that already impressive wall collection just a hare more dynamic.