4 Tips For Designing An Amazing Children's Bedroom

4 Tips For Designing An Amazing Children's Bedroom

The moment many people wait for all their life: having children, buying cute clothing and, of course, designing the nursery. This blog post is dedicated to new parents who are desperately seeking inspiration for their little one's bedroom. Designing a children's room can be a difficult task, but hopefully with these tips you can have just a little more confidence when beginning this endeavor.


1. Don't be Afraid To Play With Wallpaper



Wallpaper has a stigma that translates to being dated, but this is not the case! In fact, adding wallpaper to a room can bring beautiful colors to a room, while also being cost-efficient. Wallpaper has the ability to turn a very plain room into one with bold features, taking design one step further than just a coat of paint. Wallpaper is a great way of bringing personality into a home.


2. The More Storage The Better



From clothes to toys to books, children are constantly acquiring new things, requiring ample storage to keep a tidy look. For the best results, try to disguise storage as other decor or in built-ins. In the photo, the youthful and sleek cabinetry makes a statement in the room, and it doubles as a great way to rack up some extra storage! Another option for creating storage space, while maintaining a minimal look is by installing closed shelving or cabinetry like the photos above.


3. Make It Kid-Friendly



Put yourself in the eyes of a toddler when choosing furniture. You want a child to feel comfortable in their room, and be able to access things without climbing. That being said, keep furniture as close to ground level as possible! This room reflects a great space for children. It is whimsical and it has low and accessible furniture for the kiddos! Having wood floors like this is also very practical for young ones who are constantly leaving behind messes.


4. Add a Color That Will Age Well



Choose neutral-colored furniture that will match a new design as your child begins to outgrow that baby pink, princess room they once adored. A new trend in the children's department is creating a gender-neutral space. Great colors for this include white, black, orange, green, and blue. The benefit of a muted color scheme is that it will remain relatively timeless as the child grows up. The best way to add color into a children's room is by incorporating it into bedding, pillows, throw blankets, or anything that is easy to update in the future.